Our Recommendation: Agriculture & Home

We have a recommendation for you today. The recommendation that we have for you today is ideal for all you agricultural and farming needs. The company that I will be covering today is called Cotterill Civils. Cotterill Civils are specialists in farming and drainage solutions, wether you are looking to cover resources for a profession, or you are simply looking for a solution for your home. Cotterill Civils will have you covered.

Just to make it clear, the reason why we are covering this particular company is not because we have been paid to advertise for them. The only reason is because we have personally had great experiences with them and we have also been referred and reviewed by others too. 

Cotterill Civils

Cotterill Civils will provide you with the best customer service and ideal drainage solutions and eco friendly water solutions. The reason why they win our vote is because they are so easy to work with and they will provide you with almost anything you require from agricultural specialist.

The Water Cycle Explained The Easy Way

Have you ever wondered how we manage to have access to water whenever we feel like we need it? It may seem like we have an unlimited supply of water but in actual fact, we don’t. The Earth only has a limited amount of water.

That water the water on Earth will keep going around and around, that process is called the “Water Cycle”.

The water cycle consists of 4 main stages:

  • evaporation (and transpiration)
  • condensation
  • precipitation
  • collection


As explained in the diagram below:



The water cycle is a continuous process that allows us to make use of the water we have on Earth, over again.



Does Your Land Require Regular Watering?

Do you have a large stretch of land or a garden that needs regular watering? Is watering your garden or land costing you a lot of money? If those questions are running through mind then that is great! I have a solution to your problem. The solution is, rainwater harvesting.

If you aren’t sure on what rainwater harvesting is, it is a process in which you can collect water that naturally falls onto the Earth, for example rain. this rain is then collected through a rainwater harvesting system similar to the one in the diagram below.



This process is very efficient and the only main cost is the installation, after all, rainwater is free and it’s not water that has been treated and pumped into your home. In order to collect rainwater and to be able to get quick and easy access to the water collected, a water tank is required, the sizes are entirely your choice. The best option is for a large water tank.